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"An extraordinary book." (Mojo)

"An entertaining and exhaustive study of the place of rock music in the political and cultural ferment of the late 1960s" (Daily Telegraph

"A fresh and near-definitive slant on a subject you might have thought had been picked clean by journalists and historians." (Time Out)

"It needs to be read by anyone who wants to understand the significance of the 1960s or the role of pop culture. It is a very important book." (Mark Kurlansky, author of 1968)

Peter Doggett's epic book There's A Riot Going On: Revolutionaries, Rock Stars and the Rise & Fall of 60s Counterculture was published by Canongate (2007 in the UK; 2008 in the US). Across more than 600 pages, it traces the tumultuous history of the strange relationship between rock music and the revolutionary underground, in the US, UK and elsewhere, between 1965 and 1972.

"Of all the books I've written," Peter Doggett says, "that is the one that will probably always remain closest to my heart. It allowed me to explore a subject that had fascinated me since I was a teenage rock fan in the early 1970s, fired up by the revolutionary rhetoric that was being spouted by many of my favourite artists, but which ultimately led nowhere. I wanted to find out where that radical energy had gone, and what had caused it to subside so quickly that most of its leading protagonists were soon pretending that they had never taken any part in it."

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